Words That Make Our Day

A few words from our beloved students sharing their experience and feeling

during their time in heavenly sweet academy

By Luvita Ho

1st Winner of Masterchef Indonesia 4

Taking classes at HS was an eyes opener for me, meeting all the amazing chefs whom I always admired and dying to learn from. Great facilities, amazing products and world-renowned chefs, all packed! What I love the most about taking a class in HS is you meet so many persons in the industry, we build connection and widen our knowledge together! It's always great to explore the beauty of pastry with HS! Highly recommended for sure.

By Yoan Tjahjadi

Owner of Namelaka Jakarta

After graduating from pastry training in Melbourne and coming back to Indonesia for good, I felt that there is lack of pastry institution that features modern pastry technique from International pastry chefs. This is where I came across Heavenly Sweets and that the courses that they offer really grab my interest. During my time at Heavenly Sweets, I attended some of the classes featuring international chefs. As such, I attended Chef Antonio Bachour, Chef EJ and Chef Mampel class. In my opinion, the chefs have their own unique interpretation to create their sweets and desserts. EJ, for example, her creations feature classic flavour combination with a twist; be it in the presentation and technique that she adapted. The highlight of Chef Bachour class was definitely the glazing part. In my opinion, he has one of the best glazing technique and recipe. It was like staring into a mirror; perfect with no blemishes. To support the highly sophisticated pastry training materials, Heavenly Sweets also provides a complete and proper setup of the kitchen. With top-of-the-range equipment and complete range of tools and other equipment, learning can never be easier, in my opinion. From time to time, Heavenly Sweets also organizes pastry gatherings; be it featuring newly-released products from one of the pastry suppliers or to the most-recent 6th anniversary of the school. These type of gatherings allow me to have a pastry community where I can share my passion and get to know others in the same industry. Overall, my experience with Heavenly Sweets has never been less than spectacular.

By Safira

Housewife/Passionate Home Baker

I’m so happy learning more about baking, I took so many masterclasses and I really recommend Heavenly Sweet Academy because they invite so many reputable International Chefs and the facilities are wonderful, and also the service to the students. We’re so happy here because we’re also get to meet so many new friends and we could directly interact with the professional chefs. Overall, we’re so happy taking courses in Heavenly Sweet!

By Veronika

Baking Enthusiast

Ever since I know Heavenly Sweet Academy, they always bring the best instructors for us and there’s a lot of techniques from the chefs that we can learn during the class. The facilities are very complete and we have the best results during the class. I also got to meet a lot of new friends and the service was also very nice.

By James Iskandar

Owner of Becca’s Bakehouse

I studied in Culinary Institute of America in New York before and even though I already studied there, by going to masterclasses and learning from chefs around the world i’m able to built my skills and techniques and i can to use it in my workshop so i’m able to serve my customers better.

By Manna Rilona

French Pastry Intensive Student

I’m very happy to join this 6 weeks intensive class, because at first i didn’t have a lot of knowledge about pastry. But, in here he taught me everything from the beginning! The teacher is very nice and kind And the place is good! Im so glad to know this class, and i’m not disappointed at all!

By Jeffrey Hie

French Pastry Intensive Student

Time flies so fast... Before I joined Heavenly Sweets six weeks Basic Intensive course, I’ve actually scouted pastry schools in and around Paris. Heavenly Sweets provided me with amazing courses, just like the top schools in France, at the fraction of the price. It was worthwhile and an amazing experience. We learned not just how to create amazing pastries, but the know how in the pastry industry such as basic routines, handling and preparations and maintenance. Chef Gilles have been a great teacher and patient with me, even when I do mess things. He always finds a way to adapt to different problems since France is very different than in Indonesia due to temperature, humidity, etc. Thank you, Chef Gilles, for everything, and I await your next intensive classes for a higher learning!

By Dalilah Hisyam

French Pastry Intensive Student

Honestly I'm really happy that i can join this 6 weeks class with chef gilles. The program was so well planned and we were taught the basics of French Pastry straight from the master from France! Chef Gilles was so patient while teaching us step by step making the pastries. The classmates were also very nice and such wonderful people, I’m so happy to have new friends here. And for the class, the facilities are so nice and complete, not forget to mention the view from 12th floor, it’s like i’m in New York to be honest. Can’t wait for the next masterclass with Chef Gilles in Heavenly Sweet!

By Michelle Angely Wijaya

French Pastry Intensive Student

This 6 week program has been a life changing experience for me. It has introduced me to new skills, knowledge and experience in this industry. Also, it will have equipped me to be a better pastry maker in the future. But the most important thing I get is a new vision and purpose. Before, I join this program I see myself working with corporate. However, now I can see myself working in the kitchen making my own legacy in this industry. Furthermore, this program has introduced me to new friends and mentor, that support me to do well in this class. The endless laughter and jokes have helped me go through this past 6 weeks without any ease. Chef Gilles is the best teacher I could possibly have. He was so passionate in what he did, and he took a good care of me and prepared me to be a professional pastry chef. Having him as my teacher is the best decision I could possibly make, and I am not regretting it. I have learned a lot from him.

By Grace Jansen

Part-time Home Baker

A big thank you for the amazing experience during Chef Bachour and Chef Mampel class. Rave reviews on the stunning entremets, beautiful bonbons and lovely vienoiserries. I am impressed with the line up of great chefs that Heavenly Sweet is hosting, such as Joakim Pratt, Amaury Guichon, and other world famous. And not forgetting, you have fantastic team Charins, Freddie, Ike, Amelia. They made the learning experience more fun and conducive. It was great learning at Heavenly Sweet and I will definitely be back again.