Nicholas Boussin


He became passionate about the culinary arts at the age of 16 when he carried out a work placement at a renowned pastry shop in Chantilly, France. At the age of 22, Nicolas Boussin decided to focus on restaurant pastry and was put in charge of dessert preparation at the ”Toit de Passy” in Paris. His multi-disciplinary training gave him the perfect grounding to be innovative and create ever more original desserts. In 1998, Nicolas Boussin was put in charge of the “Grande Epicerie de Paris” pastry shop. In September 2000, he was named Best Craftsman in France for pastry. In 2002, Nicolas Boussin became captain of the French pastry team who went on to be awarded the title of World Pastry Vice Champion in Las Vegas.

In July 2014, Nicolas Boussin joined ELLE & VIRE PROFESSIONNEL® as Pastry Chef Instructor at “La Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire®” in order to share and pass on his passion for French pastry and top quality ingredients

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